Balloon Mapping

For all those interested in this Sunday fun day of balloon mapping here are the details.
We will meet here this Sunday the 12th at 8:45am. I estimate that it will probably take us around an hour to an hour and a half to get the rig assembled and the balloons gassed up. We will probably want to do a quick test flight before attaching the camera. Once we are fully operational and ready to get our mapping on we will probably spend a couple hours walking along the site. The actual amount of time we spend collecting data will largely depend on how much area we can access. From the map it looks like our site is fairly open but the canal may have a steep drop off into the water making it difficult to walk along its edge. So lets set a loose finishing time of 3pm. Transporting the materials to the site will be handled by Carlos, Liz, and Hans. The materials cost for this project will come to around $115 so a small donation of $5 would be much appreciated.
In preparation for Sundays flight we will meet Friday afternoon at 1pm in 2 w.13th street in the basement pc lab. During this session we will fashion our balloons from mylar blankets and make sure all of our other gear is in order. Hope to see you all this weekend.

Carlos Alvarez

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