Reflections: FaithCloud

FaithCloud: Neha Shah & PamelaJane Mendoza

Final review consisted of showcasing our work on the research tool interface set in an experiential installation that was an extension of the context that our research tool was framed in.

Installation setting:
“Write your prayer or confession.. you never know who’s listening”
Aroma candles, Buddhist figurines, a kneeling pillow and a beautifully hand embroidered beaded spread created a spiritual atmosphere for this installation. This space was for people to engage in the experience of sharing a prayer, confession or thought related to LGBTQ in context of religion. In order to share their experience or thought they would kneel down and write on a small piece of paper. Also, they would tag their entry with a descriptive word which in relation to the interface could be used as a parameter or filter. When the person finished writing, they would stick it up on the glass with a pre-drawn timeline on it, thus replicating the post as it would appear on the online interface.
The space also featured our interface wireframes for the research tool. The wireframes displayed how the website would collect data and also how the researchers would interact with this data.

Feedback and observations:

  1. People were hesitant to submit a confession or thought because they were aware that it is publicly displayed. People felt that they needed time to write.
  2. Since the current interface requires the user to enter a specific date, Shannon Mattern suggested that the interface should be more flexible and encourage the user to specify the time period more than a stringent date.
  3. She also suggested adding various levels of administrative moderation on researcher’s interface
  4. Shana Agid suggested that this research tool had the potential to be translated into a phone application so that an experience could be recorded immediately in the moment.
  5. Rory Solomon felt that the research tool had the potential to be integrated and customized for requirements of project URT

Overall the project and thought process was well received. We found the feedback to be helpful and encouraging. As interface design strategists, it was a very enlightening to get direct feedback from the targeted users (researchers and contributors) that we originally designed for.

watch videos here:

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

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