Reflections: Urban Memories

Urban Memories: Jamie Kennedy

I created wireframes are for another version of the Urban Research Toolkit website called Urban Memories. They redesign the current website’s look and feel because it needs to be more visually appealing and differently organized to help the user view information on the site. The goals of redesigning the Urban Research Toolkit website were to provide different methods of viewing projects, provide different organization for records, explore display options, and rename the website to better suit its purpose which involves mapping urban space and personal experiences.
Through user testing the wireframes, I wanted to receive feedback on how easy it is to view information as well as how site organization is understood and navigated.

Feedback and observations:

  1. Shannon Mattern stated timelines are a tremendously useful feature with lots of potential applications. She thought I should consider other ways of organizing records by time.
  2. Kim Tate stated my wireframes had very clear interface, visuals, projects, and artifacts. Also, she stated the connection to larger context is essential – how photos/text, etc. is situated within projects must be evident and not isolated. She thought it would be helpful to allow for grouping of subprojects or multiple locations in projects.
  3. People liked the different ways of looking that I provided and thought it made sense to look at each but sometimes it also becomes powerful looking separately. Also, people thought looking at a project at a certain location over a period of time would be a powerful tool.
  4. Julia Wargaski noted that the visual and verbal cues needed to be connected. She stated that design elements took attention away from the text.

In conclusion, I thought the feedback was helpful and reassuring. It told me that the different ways of viewing information was a good start. In addition, it let me know that my idea could be pushed farther.

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