About URT

Urban Research Tool is a multi-interface, location-based tool that enables exploration and creation of the layers of urban history, exposing and mapping rich, multifarious histories of spaces that are rapidly changing. Developed to maximize the benefit of having two primary interfaces – web and mobile – information can be gathered, cross-reference and annotated amongst a wide community of citizens and researchers. The mobile interface can be used for urban wandering and as a way to discover what is invisible to the eye and gain an appreciation or create the context of how that place is socially, culturally, and historically significant. The web interface allows users to also to contribute audio, video, text and photographic documentation to the database.

Modeled on a system of living, active layers of information, this project can build a truly a composite view of the cultural, socio-economic, ecological, and historical currents that drive the post-industrial city. URT seeks to empower localized communities by delivering an open source mapping system as well as a forum for dialog and education, locally and internationally.

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